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  • Rebecca Gerfen ' 24为美国队滑冰

    Rebecca Gerfen ' 24为美国队滑冰

    Balancing the demands of college coursework with a traditional athletic schedule - including daily practices and games held throughout New England - can be a challenge for any Framingham State student-athlete. But it becomes a whole lot bigger when your sport involves representing Team USA at international competitions.

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  • 美国人和大屠杀

    美国人和大屠杀 traveling exhibition coming to Framingham State University’s Henry Whittemore图书馆

    十大网赌信誉平台的亨利·惠特莫尔图书馆是美国50个图书馆之一.S. 新选定的图书馆将举办美国人与大屠杀的巡回展览.S. 大屠杀纪念博物馆和美国图书馆协会(ALA)调查动机, 压力和恐惧塑造了美国人对纳粹主义的反应, 20世纪30年代和40年代在欧洲发生的战争和种族灭绝.

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  • 美国蜜蜂校园


    十大网赌信誉平台已经成为美国蜜蜂校园项目的附属机构, 旨在为传粉者的利益整合教育校园的优势. FSU joins many other cities and campuses across the country united in improving their landscapes for pollinators.

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  • Dr. 阿丽莎挤Moreland-Capuia

    内科医生,作家和创伤专家. 阿丽莎挤Moreland-Capuia将在十大网赌信誉平台的毕业典礼上发表主题演讲

    十大网赌信誉平台很荣幸地宣布,著名的医生, 作者, 研究员, 以及创伤专家. 阿丽莎挤Moreland-Capuia博士. AMC) will give the keynote commencement address to the Class of 2024 during the undergraduate commencement ceremony.

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  • 虚拟仿真实验室

    FSU Receives $1 million in federal funding to create a virtual simulation lab at the Christa McAuliffe Center

    上周, the Massachusetts Congressional Delegation helped secure $1 million in federal funding to create a state-of-the-art simulation lab in the newly renovated Christa McAuliffe Center for Integrated Science Learning at Framingham State University.

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  • <a href=''>十大网赌信誉平台</a>丹佛斯博物馆和学院获得10万美元的捐赠


    2月26日, Framingham State University’s Danforth Museum and School received word that it is the recipient of a $100,000美元无限制捐赠. Donors Katherine and Robert Eyre stated that they made the gift “to benefit the activities and initiatives of both the Museum and the Art School.” This gift is the first to be specifically designated for an unrestricted endowment fund since the institution became part of Framingham State University.

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  • 劳伦Nolfo-Clements

    FSU聘请博士. 劳伦·诺福-克莱门茨担任理学院的新院长, 技术, 工程与数学(STEM)

    十大网赌信誉平台很高兴地宣布聘请. 劳伦·诺福-克莱门茨担任理学院的新院长, 技术, 工程与数学(STEM), 7月15日生效, 2024.

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  • 女子篮球队


    The top-seeded Framingham State University women's basketball team outscored Bridgewater State 22-9 in the fourth quarter en route to a 74-62 win to claim the 2024 MASCAC Championship in front of a standing room only crowd at Logan Gymnasium on Saturday, 2月. 24th. The Rams capture their third title in four seasons and earn the MASCAC's automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament. 他们将在3月的第一个周末与斯克兰顿队进行首轮比赛.

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  • 丹佛斯春季展览


    The Spring Exhibitions at the Danforth Art Museum merge the past and the present and create a space for storytelling, 发现, 和理解. 在三场展览中受到广泛的媒体关注, artists peel back layers of history and confront the past through visual interpretations that provide broader understanding of the present. 每个艺术家都使用他们选择的媒介, 生活经验, 并连接到探索历史的地方, 文化, 自然世界, 收集, 以及个人能动性——所有这些都在敦促我们成为我们所生活的世界的妥善管家.

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  • 丹佛斯博物馆在包容性卓越中心策划黑人历史月艺术展


    Framingham State University’s Danforth Art Museum has teamed up with FSU’s Center for 包容的卓越 on a special display of five beautiful pieces of art created by Black artists.

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  • 黛博拉McMakin

    Chris Walsh Center for Educators and 家庭 Receives Grant to Offer Support Group for Parents of Children with Disabilities

    As the Chris Walsh Center for Educators and 家庭 nears its 4-year anniversary of providing support to local educators and families with students who have disabilities and unmet needs, 它继续向这些社区提供免费资源.

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  • Ilyasah Shabazz

    Dr. Ilyasah Shabazz将于1月25日在十大网赌信誉平台发表马丁·路德·金纪念演讲

    The community is invited to attend Framingham State University’s MLK Commemoration Lecture this month featuring Dr. Ilyasah Shabazz是民权运动偶像马尔科姆·艾克斯的女儿.

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  • 索非亚威尔逊


    Framingham State University junior 索非亚威尔逊 is heading north in the spring for a Mitacs Globalink Research Internship under the direction of Dr. 不列颠哥伦比亚省维多利亚大学的Janelle Jenstad说.

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  • 重新设计的克里斯塔麦考利夫中心

    Framingham State University’s Christa McAuliffe Center is reborn as a 21st Century interdisciplinary facility following nearly $8 million renovation

    当你走进克里斯塔·麦考利夫中心新近装修的天文馆时, 你也可能发现健康研究的学生在星空下冥想, 或者是艺术系学生在穹顶上回顾他们的原创作品, 你会发现一门天文学课正在深入讨论宇宙的起源.

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  • 乔·奥德曼

    约瑟夫·阿德尔曼教授是一群杰出历史学家之一,他们向美国政府提交了一份法庭之友简报.S. 最高法院审理第一修正案重大案件

    一群著名的历史学家,包括十大网赌信誉平台历史教授约瑟夫. Adelman filed an Amicus Brief to the United States Supreme Court on December 7th related to two cases coming before the court with First Amendment implications.

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  • FSU女子排球队


    由联赛MVP安娜·希曼斯基领衔, the fourth seed Framingham State University volleyball team upset third seed MCLA 3-2 earlier this month to capture the 2023 Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference (MASCAC) Volleyball Tournament Championship. 这场胜利使这支球队自动获得了进入NCAA第三级锦标赛的资格, 在那里他们会沦落到全国排名的伊萨卡. 

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  • 前苏联的校园

    十大网赌信誉平台被评为全国最环保的大学之一 普林斯顿评论

    Framingham State University has been recognized as one of the nation's most environmentally responsible colleges for the 12th time by 普林斯顿评论®. 

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  • McAuliffe Center-led Heat Mapping Campaign Identifies Urban Heat Islands Where Temperatures Register More than 10 Degrees Hotter Than Greener Areas

    McAuliffe Center-led Heat Mapping Campaign Identifies Urban Heat Islands Where Temperatures Register More than 10 Degrees Hotter Than Greener Areas

    The results from an Urban Heat Mapping Campaign led by Framingham State University’s Christa McAuliffe Center in July are in, 提供确凿证据,证明极端气温给城市居民带来的负担日益加重.

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  • 大众生命科学中心


    The 大众生命科学中心 has approved more than half a million in funding to Framingham State University for the purchase of two state-of-the-art pieces of equipment critical to the study of the life sciences.

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  • 玛丽莎同伴画-倾斜,站立,崩溃

    The Fall Exhibitions at Framingham State University’s Danforth Art Museum focus on the work of three New England-based artists

    The Fall Exhibitions at the Danforth Art Museum focus on the work of three New England-based artists working across media, 接近毅力的主题, 弹性, 和验收.

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  • 项目入口匝道连接FSU学生与蓬勃发展的当地生物技术产业的职业生涯


    It's a dream come true for any recent college graduate–landing a good job right out of school in a thriving industry that provides ample opportunity for career growth.

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